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Recent Publications

Graduate Student* | Undergraduate Student**


LABBÉ D. Ed (2019) Bridging the Gap: Towards a Better Integration of Masterplanned New Urban Areas and Urbanised Villages, Hanoi: The Gioi Publisher

RESEARCH PAPERS (Peer Reviewed Journals)

MUSIL, C, LABBÉ D. and O. JACQUES* (2019) "Les zones urbaines “fantômes” de Hanoi (Vietnam): Éclairage sur le (dys)fonctionnement d’un marché immobilier émergent," Cybergéo: European Journal of Geography. Online publication No. 882. Available here

LABBÉ, D. (2018) "Examining the governance of emerging urban regions in Vietnam: the case of the Red River Delta," International Planning Studies -- online first. Available here.

JACQUES, O*, LABBÉ D. and C. MUSIL (2017) "Shortcomings of an Idealized Urbanity : Ghost Urban Areas and the Asynchronous
Territorial Development of Hanoi," Kasarinlan: Philippine Journal of Third World Studies. 32 (1–2): 81–108. Available here

LABBÉ, D. and C. MUSIL (2017) "Les « nouvelles zones urbaines » de Hanoi (Vietnam) : dynamiques spatiales et enjeux territoriaux," Mappemonde, 122. Online publication available here (in French).

Pham Thi Thanh Hien and D. LABBÉ (2017) "Spatial logic and the distribution of open and green public spaces in Hanoi: Planning in a dense and rapidly changing city," Urban Policy and Research -- online first. Available here.

LABBÉ, D. (2016) "Critical Reflections on Land Appropriation and Alternative Urbanization Trajectories in Periurban Vietnam," Cities (Special issue on The Periurban Politics in Asia under the direction of Michael Leaf), 53 : 150-55. Available here.

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Geertman, S., LABBÉ, D. JACQUES, O* and JA Boudreau (2016) "Youth-Driven Tactics of Public Space Appropriation in Hanoi: The Case of Skateboarding and Parkour," Pacific Affairs. 89(3). Abstract available here.


Lizarralde, G., C. Lee Bosher, C. Bryant, K. Chmutina, G. Cardosi, A. Dainty, and D. LABBÉ (2018) "The Diversity of Governance Approaches in the Face of Resilience" In Forino, G., S. Bonati, and L. M. Calandra (eds) Governance of Risk, Hazards and Disasters Trends in theory and Practice, London: Routeldge.

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MUSIL, C. and D. LABBÉ (2017) “Projets et négociations au Vietnam : Les moteurs de la conversion foncière urbaine" In Goldlbum C. et K. Péronnie (eds.), Transitions urbaines en Asie du Sud-Est : De la métropolisation émergente et de ses formes dérivées, Paris and Bangkok: Les Presses de l’IRD and Institut de Recherche sur l’Asie du Sud-est Contemporaine (IRASEC), pp. 191-216. Book description in French available here

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MUSIL, C., D. LABBÉ and O. JACQUES* (2019) "‘Ghost’ Areas in Hanoi: Urban Imagniaries and the Reality of Diffuse Urbanization in Vietnam" 11th International Convention of Asia Scholars, Leiden (Netherland), 18 July, Available here.

MUSIL, C. and D. LABBÉ (2018) "Les zones urbaines « fantômes » de Hanoï (Vietnam). Éclairage sur le (dys) fonctionnement d’un marché immobilier émergent (Août 2018)" Les cahiers de la recherche de l'OIC. Available here (in French).

ÉMOND, M.*, LABBÉ, D. and J. TORRES (2018) "Planning Professionals' Use of Tactical Urbanism : A New Knowledge Production Context in Planning" in the proceedings of the conference Active Public Space - Responsive Cities 2017, Barcelona: Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, pp. 165-170. Available here

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LABBÉ, D. (2016) “Những thay đổi chính sách công về quy hoạch và quản lý KGCC ở các thành phố ở Việt Nam [Changes in urban public space public policy planning and management in Vietnam] Tạp chí Quy kien truc Viet Nam [Vietnam’s Architecture Magazine]. Hanoi. (1-2): 52-56. Available here (in Vietnamese).


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MORIN-GAGNON, F.* (2018) Opportunités émergentes et relations socio-spatiales entre communautés villageoises préétablies et nouvelle zone urbaine : le cas de Van Quan, Hanoi. Travail dirigé. Université de Montréal. Available here (in French).

ATOMEI, C.* (2017) The Sidewalk Diet: Street markets and fresh food access in central Hanoi. Masters supervised research project. University of Montreal. Available here.

JOHNSON, G.* (2017) Youth participation for Urban Vitality with Christel House Mexico Alumni In Mexico City. Masters supervised research project. University of Montreal. The report is available here and the spanish version here. The full research document is available here.