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Meet the CRC in Sustainable Urbanization in the Global South


Danielle Labbé is a trained architect who received a PhD in Urban Planning from the University of British-Colombia (2011). Her research program focuses on the inter-relations between the production and appropriation of urban space in cities of the Global South. She uses a combination of historical, process-oriented, and social agency perspectives to explore the encounters between state intentions, governing practices, and everyday life during the urbanization process. While primarily focused on Vietnam and Southeast Asia, her research contributes to theoretical debates about state-society relations, urban governance, and regulatory informality in the fields of urban planning, human geography, and urban anthropology. Danielle's recent publications can be consulted here.


Clément Musil is a trained geographer who holds a PhD in urban planning from the University Paris-East. He is currently affiliated to the joint research unit AUSser (Architecture, Urbanism, Society: Knowledge, Education, Research) at the Paris-Belleville School of Architecture (France). His research interests concern urbanization processes in East and Southeast Asian cities, transit-oriented urban development, as well as the role of international cooperation agencies and international expertise in the development of Asian cities. His current work compares land value capture mechanisms in industrialized, emerging, and developing cities of Asia.
Clément's recent publications are accessible here

Gabriel Fauveaud is a guest professor in Geography and International Studies at the University of Montreal. He holds a PhD in geography and urban studies from the Sorbonne University (2013). His dissertation and most recent publications focused on contemporary urban dynamics in Phnom Penh. His current research continues to explore the socio-spatial and socio-political aspects of urban spaces production in in contexts of Southeast Asia but also North Africa and Central-America. Gabriel is particularly intersted by new real estate projects, informal urban planning practices, transnational investment in real estate, and social movements related to spatial justice.
His most recent publications can be consulted here

Juan Torres is a certified planner, professor at the School of urban planning and landscape architecture and Associate Dean at the Faculty of environmental design, at the University of Montreal. He holds degrees in architecture and urban planning, and his research/teaching concerns urban design in Montreal and Guadalajara (Mexico), especially with regards to the environmental determinants of mobility and the participation of children and youth in urban planning and design. Juan’s recent publications are accessible here.


  • Steffen Lajoie - Project Title: When it Rains, it Pours: Community Resilience to Climate Thresholds in Bogota (Columbia) (Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship)

  • Olivier Jacques - Project Title: Voids of Speculation: The uncanny ruins of failed Asian urbanism (Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship)

  • Marco Chitti - Project Title: Les pratiques expertes de l’urbanisme dans un projet de coopération technique en Palestine: Une arène pour l’interaction entre différentes cultures de l’urbanisme (Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship)

  • Anne-Marie Petter - Project Title: Dynamiques auto-organisationnelles d'un bidonville: L'ordre socio-urbain de Canaan, Haïti.

  • Mélissa Côté-Douyon - Project Title: The landing of urban models: Gender and urban planning in Vietnam (PhD scholarship of Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et culture)


  • Aaron Vansintjan (Birkbeck, University of London)

  • Pierre Martial Placide (EHESS-Marseille)



  • Kyria Pierre-Jérome - Project Title: forthcoming

Supervised Research Projects

Zapopan Team - Supervised Research Projects (supervised by J. Torres)


  • Amélie Boudot - Project Title: Le transport public à travers les yeux des adolescentes des quartiers périphériques de Zapopan (Mexique)

Supervised Research Projects

  • Dave Sylvestre - Project Title: Identification de zones d’intervention prioritaires pour le bien-être des enfants de la municipalité de Zapopan (Mexique) : une méthodologie d’évaluation d’accessibilité

  • Alexander Nizhelski - Project Title: Le trajet scolaire dans quatre quartiers de Zapopan (Mexique) : perceptions enfantines en matière de sécurité, efficacité et confort

  • Yvonne Suarez - Project Title: L’utilisation des espaces publics par les enfants dans le contexte d’un quartier vulnérable : le cas de Lomas del Centinela, à Zapopan (Mexique)

  • Jean-Christophe Pettersen - Project Title: La mobilité quotidienne des élèves du primaire et du secondaire dans 4 quartiers de Zapopan: choix modaux et formes d’accompagnement

Special Activity



  • Sylvain Rodrigue (2013-2016) Project Title: Évolution des politiques publiques et accessibilite des ménages à faibles revenus au logement social sur le territoire de Hanoï (Mitacs-Globalinks Award)

  • Katrine-Soleil Roy (2014-2016) Project Title: L’aménagement des abords des lacs de Hanoï, Vietnam: La protection des lacs par l’appropriation de l’espace (Mitacs-Globalinks Award)

  • Laurence Goulet-Beaudry (2014-2016) Project Title: Le sentiment d’appartenance et la réappropriation du centre-ville de Beyrouth

  • Claudia Atomei (2014-2016) Project Title: The Sidewalk Diet : Street markets and fresh food access in central Hanoi (Mitacs-Globalinks Award). Supervised resarch project available online.

  • Dolorès Bertrais (2015-2017) Project Title: Le projet d’aménagement des rives du fleuve de la Sabarmati à Ahmedabad (Gujarat, Inde) reflète-t-il une mutation de l'espace public en Inde? (Oeuvre Durable Award and Guy-Desbarats Award 2017). Supervised resarch project accessible here.

  • Valérie Fortin (2014-2017) Project Title: La gestion coopérative d'habitation à Hanoï: D'initiative citoyenne à entreprise sociale (Mitacs-Globalinks Award)

  • Jules Laurent-Allard (2014-2017) Project Title: Think Playgrounds: Les enjeux politiques et les questions du droit à la ville
    soulevés par une initiative d’urbanisme Do It Yourself à Hanoi. (Mitacs-Globalinks Award). Website of the project.

  • Philippe-Daniel Deshaies-Rugama (2015-2017) Project Title: Risk Perception, "Planning Cultures" and relocation in a climate risks context. The case of Carahatas, Cuba. (Urban Planning in Developing Country Scholarship). Supervised research project (in French) available online.

  • Lucie Le (2015-2017) Project Title: La mixité sociale dans les quartiers en cours de gentrification : ce que l’offre alimentaire à Saint-Henri et Notre-Dame-de-Grâce nous apprend.

  • Adèle Boucher (2015-2017) Project Title: Hosting Syrian refugees in the Middle-East: A comparative study of Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Supervised research project (in French) available here

  • Maxime Bouthaghou-Courtemanche (2015-2017) Project Title: DIY Urbanism in Hanoi (Mitacs-Globalinks Award). Website of the project

  • Gabriel Larue (2015-2017) Project Title: DIY Urbanism in Hanoi (Mitacs-Globalinks Award)

  • Morgane Quiniou Lemieux (2014-2017) Project Title: Vers un nouveau pôle intermodal à Hanoî au Vietnam: Le cas du terminus C9

  • Frédéric Morin-Gagnon (2016-2018) Project Title: Emerging opportunities and socio-spatial relations between pre-established village communities and new urban area: the case of Van Quan, Hanoi (Urban Planning in Developing Country Scholarship). Supervised research project (in French) available here

  • Jordan Lapointe (2017-2018) Project Title: De rural à urbain : le foncier comme outils de transition urbaine en périphérie de Hanoï, Vietnam

  • Ilhame Dahhan (2017-2018) Project Title: Nouvelles Zones Urbaines à Hanoï : Vers une gouvernance privatisée des quartiers?

  • Marine Delor (2017-2018) Project Title: Forums sur la ville féministe au sein de l’organisme Femmes et Villes International: Montréal, vers une ville inclusive?

  • Francis Labelle-Giroux (2016-2018) Project Title: Vulnérabilité aux inondations et adaptation villageoise à Hanoi, Vietnam: Opportunités et contraintes dans un contexte de périurbanisation rapide (Rosedev Award)

  • Mathieu Émond (2016-2018) Project Title: Quand les professionnels de l'aménagement s'approprient l'urbanisme tactique: regard sur la production de connaissances dans des projets récents au Québec (J-A Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship; Hydro Quebec Excellence Award)

  • Chantelle L'heureux (2016-2019) Project Title: Ordenamiento Territorial: Land-use planning in Ancash, Peru? Supervised research project available here

Alumni from the Zapopan Team (supervised by J. Torres)

  • Georgia Johnson (2015-2017) Project Title: Youth Participation for Urban Vitality with Christel House Mexico alumni in Mexico City (Urban planning in developing countries grant)

  • Florence Vuille (2016-2018) Project Title: Analysis of the local stakeholder system and of the potential for action in the implementation of child-friendly urban interventions to public space in Zapopan, Mexico

  • Melissa Raymond (2016-2018) Project Title: Lomas del Centinela desde la perspectiva de los niños: un proceso participativo en Zapopan, Jalisco, México

  • Stéphane Bilodeau (2017-2018) Project Title: Quelles limites à la mobilité indépendante de l’enfant? Étude d’un quartier marginalisé à Zapopan, Mexique (in French) report available here